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Welcome to The Language of Miracles Online Ambassador Program!


In this 15 week intermediate course, you’ll explore the latest most cutting edge discoveries in quantum physics that may explain the reality of Interspecies Communication for the first time in history.  Amelia Kinkade personally guides you through meditations and exercises designs to hone you own skills and progress with your animal communication practice, going into more depth and detail than you’ve ever gone before.  Continue to progress with Amelia while you explore fascinating new discoveries that help create bridges between Science and Magic, Nature and God. The course will follow the chapters of Kinkade’s second book, The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals (New World Library), while the author guides you on explorations of your own. 

 What Is The Language of Miracles?

According to my favorite heretic, Dr. Mitchell: "Quantum physics is the language the Occidental scientist uses to find the ghost in the machine of the everyday world. Without it he cannot explain it so fully. Quantum physics is the language one uses to express the mystery and miracle of simple sunlight. Science has displayed convincing evidence that electromagnetic energy is natures' basic building block of physical reality: today all physical existence can be expressed as the organization and exchange of electromagnetic energy." (5)

Do animals have electromagnetic energy? Indeed they do. Can this electromagnetic energy be perceived as the thought of animals? You bet.  How best can I describe the process of learning to telepath with animals?  Well, first let’s reframe some of your big ideas about reality.  I know it sounds intimidating, but if you’ll be daring and just stick your toe in, I’ll ease you into the Zero Point Energy Field.  Come on in.  The water’s warm and bubbly.

 “’The field, as Einstein once succinctly put it, ‘is the only reality.’” (6)


 Just What Exactly Is the Zero Point Energy Field?

Psychic communication can be redefined through the latest and most fascinating theories that may shorten the gap between quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity—and the gap between humans and animals.  Quantum Holography and the Zero Point Energy Field suggest that all living beings are able to communicate naturally, through the laws of nature.  Why?  Because we are all just parts of one big organism.  Human beings are cells in the body of God, and so is every animal, every plant and every star in the galaxy.  If we are all simply puzzle pieces in one giant puzzle, doesn't it make sense we should be able to communicate silently with each other?  Here’s how the Zero Point Field was discovered.  Yesterday’s belief systems are not doing justice to our world, and we can’t improve our world without changing our belief systems.  Our world in is grave danger of destruction.  What does this say about our belief systems?  They stink.  I’m going to ask you to put aside your ideas for a while—the things you know or think you know that you have so much invested in.  I’m going to ask you to jot down the questions as they arise because there might be opposition as I you read my words.  Save those questions for later.  For now, let my new ideas and thoughts cohabitate with your old belief systems.  After you have entertained these new ideas, we’re going to sift through your ideas and ask this of every one:  Who taught me this?  Where did I learn this?  Why did I come to accept this as absolute truth? Was this belief something I formulated on my own or was it taught to me as someone else’s vintage belief?  If I used my own reasoning, what event made me deduce that this idea was an absolute truth?  Did I use my own deductive reasoning?  Did I arrive at this on my own or discuss it with someone else first? (10)  What do I elect to believe from this moment on?  You are not here to reiterate your beliefs.  It’s time to burst forward and recalibrate your energy.  There’s a whole new world out there that few people are talking about…yet.

If we took your body away and we erased the body of your cat, horse, or dog, all that would remain would be an electrically charged energy field—a little cloud of spinning lights.  You are made up of tiny packets of quantum energy that are always in communication with the world around them.  Your dog is made up of these little packets of information, too.  Now, if we look at this with the new knowledge that we are all inside the Zero Point Energy Field, your animals are no longer separate from you.  Take away the outer form and sharp edges, there is no more division between what is you and not you.  Your energy does not stop at your fleshy fingertips, but can soar out into the world around you.   Taken one step farther, you and your dog or cat are not in separate containers imprisoned in carbon bodies, isolated from each other by empty space.  If we viewed space as water, that would change everything, wouldn’t it ?  The Zero Point Energy Field is the electromagnetic ocean of energy that fills all empty space.  Now, if you could wade out into that ocean and swim into your animal’s energy field, you would feel their physical and emotional aches and pains, and maybe even see the pictures in their minds.

I’m giving you a rather spiritual vision of the Z P Field, so let’s talk for a moment about its scientific origins.  The discovery of quantum physics was a big “wow,” but it left many questions unanswered. A small group of daring scientists all over the world continued to experiment, so they picked up where the pioneers of quantum physics had left off.  These scientists revisited the mathematical black sheep,  a few equations that had always been booted out of the quantum physics family.  These unwanted equations stood for the Zero Point Energy Field—an ocean of microscopic vibrations in the space between things.  They realized if the ZPF were factored into our nature perception of the material world, it would mean our entire universe is one indivisible ocean of energy, one gargantuan quivering quantum field and each tiny piece is concert with this glorious divine symphony at all times.(7)  That’s interesting stuff, but this is where I come in:  These scientists discovered that we are not only connected, but unknowingly exchanging information with the entire orchestra of life.

What is a thought?  It’s an electrical charge.  What is an emotion?  It’s an electrical charge.  What is a sensation?  That’s right.  It’s an electrical charge.  And I want to teach you how to recalibrate your energy so that you may become so sensitive you can sense the thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations of your animals.  How do we do it?  By learning to perceive Quantum Holograms.




26 August, 2015: WEEK ONE


“Science, meet God.”

What is a Quantum Hologram?

A growing number of scientists now look to the quantum hologram to explain the lingering mystery of Creation’s unity.  At the same time, the neutral language of physics serves to bridge the chasm that has historically separated science and spirituality.  What would it mean to discover that the great mystery of modern science and the great secret of spiritual and religious traditions are the same?  Twenty-first century science is on the threshold of the one discovery that may answer this time-worn question.  Making that discovery will solve one of the deepest mysteries of our species—our relationship to Creation itself.  One place science can begin to investigate the transcendent is at the subatomic level.  Our intuitive process, through which we experience the mystical and communicate telepathically, may be paralleled by the quantum process of subatomic communication.  Recent discoveries suggest that our cells may not actually have to ooze out chemicals to communicate with each other, which is the traditional theory, but that they may have an exquisite system of signaling each other by tapping into teach other’s “signature Frequency,” which is more akin to sending a wireless message on a cell phone.  In this first session, Amelia will give an overview of Quantum Holography and how this latest theory could explain how telepathic communication is made possible by means of a quantum process.  A short Q n A session with Amelia will follow via chat.


2 September, 2015 WEEK TWO


A practice session will take place with a photo of one of the students’ animals who is physically or emotionally suffering and in need of attention.  A Q&A with Amelia will end the session.


9 September, 2015 WEEK THREE


A brief Q nA with Amelia will begin the session where she will evaluate the students’ readings of the photo and explain at how she arrived at her own answers. The week’s discussion will revolve around the establishment of “Phase.” “Phase” and “resonance” are scientific terms that help us understand how we may nonverbally contact other living beings through a quantum process.  Dr. Mitchell tells us, the phenomenon of retrieving information nonlocally operated by “phase-conjugate-adaptive-resonance.”  For our purposes, we are going to rename “resonance” as “Resogenesis,” meaning to communicate with all life.   In The Way of the Explorer, Dr. Mitchell explains resonance like this:

Information is not transferred from one particle to another, but rather the waves aspects of the particles are in some way interconnected nonlocally and resonate so as to maintain the correlation of their characteristics.  They do not behave as particles at all, but rather as fields, filling all space, orchestrated and mediated in their properties by a mechanism not yet understood.  Because the rules of quantum theory are supposed to apply to all matter, not just subatomic matter, by extension of this ubiquitous, interconnected “resonance” it suggests that all nature is in some sense wavelike, Fieldlike, and “mindlike.”

We can solicit information from animals by willing our consciousness to be mobile and to travel on electromagnetic waves, instead of viewing ourselves as isolated particles in a cold, disconnected universe.  Amelia will explore these concepts in how they apply to receiving telepathic information.  The session will end with the wonderful and hilarious exercise, “Meet Your Troll,” where we discover what internal skepticism tries to hold us back.


16 September, 2015:  WEEK FOUR


This session will spotlight two of the students’ animals who are having problems getting along. The focus here will be on getting clear emotional impressions about why the animals don’t get along and exploring possible solutions so that they can develop a peaceful relationship in the future. Amelia will guide the students through “An Exercise in Renogenesis: Reading Photographs on page 27 of The Language of Miracles, as well as “An Exercise in Memorizing Success,” to encourage the neuronets to grow in the students’ brains that will facilitate new visions of interconnectivity.


23 September, 2015: WEEK FIVE


The Particle-Wave Theory

Albert Einstein showed definitively that matter is composed of particles.  A physicist named Thomas Young had a century earlier proposed the particle-wave theory after his discovery of a phenomenon called interference. 

Young’s double-slit experiment showed that light must be wave-like because only waves can create interference patterns.  The situation, then, was as follows: Einstein, using photoelectric effect, “proved” that light is particle-like, and Young, using the phenomenon of interference, “proved” that light is wave-like.  But a wave cannot be a particle and a particle cannot be a wave.  The wave-particle duality was and is one of the thorniest problem in quantum mechanics.  Physicists like to have tidy theories which explain everything, and if they re not able to do that, they like to have tidy theories about why they can’t .  The wave-particle duality is not a tidy situation.  In fact, its untidiness has forced physicists into radical new ways of perceiving physical reality.  These new perceptual frames are considerably more compatible with the nature of personal experience than were the old.  For most of us, life is seldom black and white.  The wave-particle duality marked the end of the “Either-Or” way of looking at the world.  We will expose the Three Keys to Communication:

1) Speed

2) Direction

3) Character


30 September, 2015: WEEK SIX


This week’s practice will revolve around a photo of one of the students’ animals, a dog.  This session will open with An Exercise in Resogenesis: How to Learn to Listen and the Corinthian prayer on page 65 of The Language of Miracles, and will follow the exercises on page 67, Questions for a Dog, as well as personal questions that the dog’s guardian poses. These inquiries are long and involved, and will be used as the homework for week six.  The answers will be verified online by the animals’ guardians later in the week.  A brief Q&A will follow with Amelia via chat.


7 October, 2015: WEEK SEVEN


Angels on the Head of a Pin

Have you ever wondered exactly how much information could be packed into your cat’s little tangerine-sied brain?  According to Michael Talbot’s book The Holographic Universe, holograms might be the answer.  He tells us that a hologram is produced when a single lasel light is split into two separate beams.  The first beam is bounced off the object to be photographed.  The second beam is allowed to collide with the reflected light of the first.  When this happens they create what is called an “interference pattern,” which is then recorded on a piece of film.  To the naked eye the image on the film looks nothing like the object photographed but resembles the concentric rights that form when a handful of pebbles is tossed into a pond.  But as soon as another laser beam in shined through the film, shazam!  A three dimensional image appears that is eerily convincing.  …Michael Talbot writes that if you cut the film into two or even smaller pieces, each piece will contain all of the information intact.  What does this have to do with animals and brains?  Lots.  This lesson will explore how all beings are logging their experience of life on earth into the Divine Computer called the Zero Point Energy field in the same fashion that images are logged onto a piece of holographic film.  Your consciousness functions as the laser beams that can “light up” the holograms in the animal’s experience and make their memories visible to you. 

 When you are completely ‘in synch’ and on the same wavelength as an animal, you may indeed hear his thoughtsBut in order to “download” the Animalogos (the ability to hear words) the first step is to envision a new world, one where animals can talk.  With this, we must envision a new “us,” a remodeled human race who can hear them.


14 October, 2015:  WEEK EIGHT


This week’s practice will revolve around one of the students’ cats, putting our focus on cats, as we follow the exercise on page 72 of The Language of Miracles, Questions for a Cat, as well as personal questions about this cat that the cat’s guardian will pose. These inquiries are long and involved, and will be used as the homework for week six.  The answers will be verified online by the animals’ guardians later in the week.  A brief Q&A with Amelia will follow via chat.


21 October, 2015: WEEK NINE


This lesson will explore “Unimorphosis”as the basic tenant of “The Body Scan.” One student’s animal will be chosen to be the guest teacher for this exercise where we delve into Medical Gestalt.   Medical Gestalt requires you to acknowledge your relationship to another living being, and the clarity of your vision will revolve around your relationship to yourself.  You already have a quantum relationship with every animal in your world that allows you the ability to feel what they’re feeling. Because your own body is the instrument through which you measure what other animals are feeling, we must first ask how aware you are of what you’re really feeling.  In Gestalt, your body and emotional well being are your only instruments.  How clean are your tools?

The challenge is this: You must have an acute awareness of what’s happening in your own body so that you can differentiate your physical sensations and those of your animal friends. This lesson will include a guided meditation into your own body, followed by a meditation where you will learn “X-ray Vision” and feel your way through the body on an animal.  This meditation will accompany The Body Scan exercise on page 115 of The Language of Miracles, and will conclude with Reading an Animals’ Signature Frequency and even discovering the signature frequencies of internal organs.


28 October, 2015: WEEK TEN



One of the student’s horses will be the spotlight of this week’s practice session involving Medical Gestalt, so one student will be able to get much-needed help with his or her horse.  Then in this landmark session, the group will be required to access medical and emotional information from a living animal and also perform a “psychic autopsy” on an animal who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  One student can get assistance about an ailing horse to help determine if he or she is in pain, and what her plans are for later life.  Another student can get a better idea of how his or her animal died and what he experienced at the moment of death. A Q&A with Amelia will follow to help confirm the answers obtained in the prior week’s session as well.


4 November, 2015:  WEEK ELEVEN


The Zero Point Energy Field Theory leads us to believe that every living being is part of a seamless matrix, connected on one gigantic web of energy.  Coupling this with the idea that “your are your attention,” it makes sense that we can move our focus effortlessly into other living being and look out their eyes.  You might call that “mobility of consciousness,” meaning you can move your spirit and cognitive awareness outside your own flesh and into the world around you.  We just have to wrap pour self-absorbed brains around the idea that our minds are not separate, that we are all part of one infinite Divine Mind that has many billions of bodies.  The ability to “track” is to successfully locate the consciousness of the animal and look out their eyes, seeing their environment through their own eyes so that you can locate missing animals and help bring them home.

 Just as your success with telepathy hinges on your level of self-esteem and your success with gestalt hinged on your pain threshold, your success with tracking hinges on your level of courage.  This lesson will involve tracking an animal who has gone missing in the past so that they can experience the sensation of tracking and learn the process without the stress and urgency of working with an animal who is actually missing. Working with a photograph, the students will be asked to describe a journey one of the animals was taken on in the past. 

Amelia will explain how she arrives at her answers and what kind of questions she asked to get accurate and in-depth details when she engages in remote viewing with animals.


11 November, 2015 WEEK TWELVE



One of the students will be able to have their animal read in order to determine where they were when they went missing.  An exercise will be given to help students “track” an animal who went on holiday with a person, in order to verify their information. And a more adrenaline-charge lesson will follow where a tracking experience will also be simulated in real-time with a living animal so that the students who are online live can “tune-in” to the animal within the hour that the webinar takes place. Both situations will be explored by means of photographs.  Amelia will guide the students through an in-depth explanation of tracking and provide a list of questions to help determine exactly what an animal could be experiencing when it’s gone missing, how to determine if they’re hurt, hungry, dying, in pain, or even if they have ascended, or how to remote view landmarks and specific details that could help bring them home.


18 November, 2015WEEK THIRTEEN


This entire session will be devoted to questions and answers with Amelia so that students can ask personal questions and get guidance.  Amelia will take time to make certain students get individual attention.


25 November, 2015 WEEK FOURTEEN


This lesson will remind us of “the truth” of our being.  The “truth” is that we are God individualized, not helpless victims lost in a sea of random events.  God operates in us, as us, through us, when we stay on point and lovingly fulfill our destinies. But have we enough love to cover every sense of fear?  Do we have enough love to cast out all the pain in our patient and alleviate his every feeling of not being wanted or needed or loved?  Do we have enough love to cover another living being?  If we do not have it, we won’t heal him.

We have enough love to counterbalance other living beings’ sense of lack only when we operate from our absolute highest Power Source, which allows other beings to “cohere” with our more stable frequency.  Some forms of healing ay be the product of a property in quantum physics called “coherence.”  When two electronic modules are placed near one another, with one vibrating quicker than the second, something interesting begins to happen.  The module of lower frequency will have a tendency to match, through resonance, that of the higher pitch.  This process is identical to that of the human energy system, which may be considered a module of composite frequencies reflecting individual cell and organ complexes.  This module, our mind-spirit-body complex, when placed within the fields of another module will have e tendency to move into the resonance with the higher vibration.

In this lesson we will discover how the frequency of the most divine expression of Universal Intelligence, in all its calm, beauty, and peaceful dignity, is not only measurable, it is contagious.  This lesson will involve a discussion about calibrating energy so that the coherent energy coming from us is the most positive frequency, but Amelia will also discuss “Osmosis Ilness” and how we make our animals ill by allowing them to absorb our stress, anger, angst, and insecurities, and even unconscious patterns not meant to infect animals with physical and emotional problems.  Amelia will also talk about how to comfort grieving animals and help alleviate Post Traumatic Stress in animals. This session will conclude with new spiritual disciplines designed to not allow humans and animals to share human conflict, and the wisdom in a new type of prayer: How to Pray for Your Pet.


2 December, 2015:  WEEK FOURTEEN


“Suddenly, you see that someone you love is running toward you—some one you haven’t seen for a long time.  Here is the beloved animal that you miss so much.  Touch him and feel him and look into his eyes.  Understand that this is real—not an illusion that your mind is creating, but a real state of consciousness where you can actually see him.   Tell him how much you love him, how grateful you are for the time you shared together,  and how happy you are to see him once again.  Ask him where he’s been, who he’s been with, and what his life is like in heaven.”  --The Language of Miracles,  A Visit from Heaven, page 254. This lesson will take you on a guided meditation where Amelia will help you slip into a state of trance and establish the brain wave patterns needed to experience mediumship.  This meditation is designed to help you connect with the spirit of one of your own departed animals.  In addition, one student will have an animal read who has ascended to heaven, and in addition to an exercise where a body-scan will be encouraged to provide a “psychic autopsy,” Amelia will guide the students to get more evidential information about the animal in the afterlife, the other spirits they are with now, and even if they plan to come back to earth.  Love transcends all space and time.  And even people who have no experience of mediumship with other humans, often have some magical vision of their own animals in heaven, because who better than the heavenly animals can teach us the truth about all beings on earth and spirits in heaven?  The topic of euthanasia will also be addressed where Amelia will explain how to set up a “sign,” so that a sick or elderly animal can “tell you” if, when, and how he would like to ascend and if, when, and how he needs assistance.


9 December, 2015: WEEK FIFTEEN


“Is he coming back?!”  Because most animals’ lives are usually so much shorter than ours, we can have the same animal more than once in our lifetimes.  These same spirits can come back to us over and over.  There is one form of cosmic super glue in this universe that seals our friendships together for all eternity: Love.  There is only one force so strong that it transcends space and time:  Love.  The Lumensilta (bridge of light) you form with your animal creates a bond between you that keeps you connected on a silver cord of Light.  Like a needle and thread sewing in and out of a tapestry, the spirit leaves the material world and then comes back, again and again. Amelia will speak about the continuity of life and how one might “negotiate” reincarnations with the animals we love or even assist in these negotiations for clients. In this lively grande finale session, the students will be invited to share the photos of animals that they suspect have reincarnated into new forms, so that they can get confirmation that it is, indeed, the spirit of their older beloved animals who has come back in the new body.   The meditative techniques will also help provide ways for students to ask their own animals if they are “coming back,” and when, and if so, what form they would like to take.  The session will end with a final Q&A so that Amelia can answer any last questions posed by the group.