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What students are saying about Straight from the Horse's Mouth Webinar series:


Dear Amelia,

Animals are the most important thing in my life at this moment and especially when I was a child. I would love to be able to help them by better understanding their needs. I need to practice, practice and practice but every time when I am correct gives me hope to continue further on this path. I hope someday I will be good at communicating with animals. I am grateful to have had and still have Amelia. I also love her playfulness. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It was an honor to be in this group of like-minded people and I hope we can continue to learn, support and help each other.  

When I started my journey in this workshop, I had no problems believing that animals pick up my thoughts but then to find that I could also actually understand what they were thinking was so awesome!!  I remember how good it felt when I was meditating and feeling relaxed--focused and confident and then afterward receiving proof that I actually had some of the questions right!  (Not all of them, but hey, I am only beginning, I didn't mind about that.) All the techniques we learned seemed to be simple and to work--and still they work! When there is contact with an animal, it feels easy and fun. When it feels like hard work, I know I am not doing it right and that I should relax. My biggest and most correct answers I got are from when I wasn't trying too hard but just let it be.
Marina (Belguim)


Hi Amelia,

I live north of Toronto Canada!  I am currently cuddled with my little Gracie on our sun porch as the temperatures outside deep below freezing!!  I hope your tears are of pure joy as you are an absolute warrior for the animals on this planet and you are creating a tribe of eager, passionate and willing advocates and followers!!  

I am feeling blessed beyond words and am so grateful for my life and my companions. 

Thank you for opening your world Amelia so mine could get bigger!!

Xoxo, Sharon (Canada)


When I signed up for this course, I felt that compared to the other students I was in kindergarten and everyone else was in college. And that was okay, because when I read my first Amelia book, The Language of Miracles, my life had changed forever. I looked at everything differently and couldn't go back if I wanted too. Amelia says that animals are sentient angels here to help humans and that they are "plugged in" to the universe.  This has always been my biggest fantasy.  Could this fantasy actually be a reality? Since I've been listening to the course and meditations I have quit smoking, been easier to get along with at work, and now I think about my animals constantly with out the guilt of being a crazy cat lady! I may not be able to communicate with animals perfectly by the end of this course but I am in this for life now!  And my private reading with Amelia will stay close to heart forever! 

She is amazing! I even found the courage to go on the Safari because of her. Amelia, I am eternally grateful to you.
Shannon (Canada)




Hi Amelia,  

Reading the affirmations aloud and having them up where I can see them in the day, has helped me be more positive.  The list of "I loves" helps me be more grateful. I refer to them when I feel negative or down.  Your short meditations "clearing out the attic" etc, were very profound, thought provoking and calming. The music you chose for the meditations is heavenly.  I also attend mindfulness and kundalini yoga and meditation, but find that your meditations have taken me to another level……rebooting the computer as you say.  I am very conscious now of being more calm, confident and in charge…and am aware of my animals also being more calm and peaceful.  I have always told the animals that I have contact with, that I love them and that they are beautiful and wonderful. I now tell them that they are perfect in every way.  I have stopped introducing them as old, injured, damaged, Thank you for this…it was huge for me. I also now use the Corinthian Prayer. I have always prayed to God, Christ, Mother Mary, the saints and angels for help and healing, and surrounded all in God's light, rainbows and flowers. I now use use your beautiful saying….." a snowdrift of stars".  It was confirmation/validation for me what you have written and said about animals souls…the food cats eat…and how they want to be outside and on grass/ground.     By doing the meditations I feel that I have resolved certain issues and I feel that this has helped my sensitivity in reading animals. I find it easier now to drop to the still- point when creating a bridge of light.  Whilst doing the readings of animals online during the course.. I discovered that a number of times I got right certain information. However I feel there is great room for improvement in both reading and confidence…but now I have both the tools and the incentive to improve.  I have realized that I have been looking at intuitive information from the animals as being something 'out there' and 'other" to what I now realize as having been coming to me all along….and that all I need to do is trust myself.  This course has helped me to re-afirm my belief that miracles do happen and I am so blessed….as several have happened personally since the start of the course.  I am so looking forward (even though a little nervous) to the webinar tomorrow night.  God bless you…thank you for the work you do.  May the long time sun shine upon you.  All love surround you..and the pure light within you…guide your way on.
     Namaste…with love and gratitude,  Jeanette (South Africa)

Amelia has a huge amount of knowledge on animal communication and she knows how to teach it to you. I learned such a lot from this course and now I am much more confident in communicating naturally and freely with a variety of species. The course has opened me up and I feel much more at ease with and in myself. Throughout the course, I could track my progression in communicating with animals and it was the simple, subtle communications which made the difference. This is an exercise in learning to trust yourself in being able to accept what you receive. The structured approach is innovative: it allows people to be reassured that the discipline of following a chapter of the book will be there every two weeks and this is cleverly coupled with the notion that the world out there is not the way humans see it: nature's conversation is not the same as ours, we don't know everything, we are not the smartest, and that nature is waiting to teach us. This notion that we are not the prime apes after all is reassuring and humbling. Remember to be humble is what animals are looking for, so away with your ego, strip it away, and reacquaint yourself with the "gift" you were born with by tuning in every week to Amelia's webinar on animal communication.  - Glen (Germany)

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Straight from the Horses's Mouth Online Webinar Series


How would you like to have an animal communication workshop with Amelia Kinkade in your own home?! Amelia Kinkade's Language of Miracles Online School is offering the first Straight From     the Horse's Mouth 15 week Webinar Series! 

At long last, Amelia Kinkade is bringing you The Language of Miracles Interspecies Ambassador training to your own computer via webinar!  Wouldn’t you like to learn and practice Amelia’s Techniques of Interspecies Communication in the comfort of your own home with the animals you love? 

This webinar series will follow a fifteen week lesson plan with eight hours of live instruction from Amelia alternating with eight meditation and practice sessions where you will actually learn to “read” photographs of animals and also assist your animals at home.  Extensive opportunities to Q&A via chat will allow students to address questions to Amelia Kinkade, and homework with photos of animals will allow students the opportunity to practice at home and review their results each week as their skills progress.  The first-time-EVER curriculum will follow Amelia's first book, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers (New World Library), so that students may receive instruction directly from Amelia to follow her evolution as the book unfolded and her exploration as animal communication progressed.  The webinar will be presented in English, but you may follow along with your own edition of Straight From the Horse’s Mouth, even if your book is in German, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Korean, Italian, and soon to come—French!


You will enjoy a weekly oasis of inspirational teachings, beautiful meditations, and a guided training program where you can make eye-opening discoveries about your own intuitive abilities.  No previous experience is necessary, but returning students are welcome to celebrate the online program they have been asking for for the last twelve years.  At long last!  Practice at home and join a global community where you will be able to practice reading each other’s animals via email and have a network of “Ark Angels” ready to assist you in case of animal emergencies at home with your own animal families.


Amelia teaches that ideas and emotions are universal--they do not belong exclusively to human animals.  All animals do, indeed, think and feel the vast spectrum of ideas and emotions. You will be given the skills to learn to listen, so that you can tap your own abilities to tune into the thoughts and emotions of other animals.  In this unrushed fifteen week practical approach, you will have the time to slowly develop your bonds with your own animals, learn to understand them better, as well as to learn to “read” the animals of your fellow students.  For the first time ever, you will have the luxury of taking in new information, practicing, discovering, and evolving at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home!  What could be more inviting and exciting than this? 

We all suffer now in our day-to-day lives just by our inability to commune with our furry friends.  Only if we cherish and protect them, can they bring the endless joy they want to bring us.  Everything is a choice. Even your choice to use your psychic abilities and stop dismissing your innate abilities or being afraid of you own “magical” powers.  Amelia will lead you on a step-by-step exploration of “Clairvoyance” (which means “clear-seeing” in Latin) and “Clairsentience” (“clear-feeling.”)


In her first book, Amelia writes: “Clairvoyance, this higher state of perception, allows us to perceive our choices more clearly, the light and the dark.  Clairsentience allows us to feel acutely and intensely both the pleasure and the suffering.  The height and depth of your psychic ability will be determined by your willingness to see the truth clearly, no matter how unpleasant.  If our innocence is the price of admission into the psychic Shangri-La, our honesty buys the ticket and courage is our seat belt.” 


Brace yourself for a wild ride, but one that can also bring more pleasure than anything you have ever discovered in your life.  Because Amelia will reveal that the real treasure is inside you. Non-local communication is only made possible by discovering the Spirit of God within you, so this marvelous adventure is the ultimate spiritual quest, which will lead you—by way of your love for animals—back to your own Divine Essence, the part of you that is still in communion with our glorious Mother Earth.  Welcome to the “New World.”  Welcome home.  

Amelia Kinkade’s American Press Release 


Amelia Kinkade is the founder and CEO of Amelia’s Ark Angel Society, a charity that educates children about wildlife and helps save endangered species.  Amelia is the author of the best-seller, Straight From the Horse’s Mouth:  How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers (Crown Books),The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals (New World Library), Soulmates with Paws, Hooves, and Wings, Aurora’s Secret, and The Winged One. (CreateSpace) She is the founder of The Language of Miracle’s Institute in Los Angeles and now The Language of Miracles Institute online.  Amelia is an international speaker who lectures in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, and South Africa where she trains animal lovers from all walks of life including doctors and vets.  Amelia was featured in The 100 Top Psychics in America. (Simon and Schuster)

          Her unique abilities have been the focus of hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles world-wide including The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, ABC News, The Boston North Shore Sunday, The London Sunday News of The World, Good Housekeeping, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, New Woman in England, Bilt de Frau in Germany, Annabelle in Switzerland, and the cover of the Freitseit Kurier in Vienna. Miss Kinkade has appeared on television programs such as The View, The Other Half, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Extra, VH1, Jenny Jones, The BBC News, Carte Blanche in South Africa, and numerous news broadcasts in the US, Europe, and Australia.  She has been heard on over 400 radio programs in the last few years from Memphis to Cape Town, South Africa.  A BBC documentary was created around her work with the elephants in the Kruger National Park and a BBC children’s programming tour was created for her youngest most open-minded fans.

Amelia’s true passion is leading her annual Sacred Harmony Safaris in Africa, and assisting organizations who rescue elephants, cheetah, penguins, Great White sharks, lions, and rhinos and trouble-shooting problems worldwide for tigers, primates, Asian elephants and countless breeds of exotic as well as domestic animals. In 2002, she was honored to accept invitations to Buckingham Palace to work with the household cavalry of Queen Elizabeth II and to “whisper” with the hunting horses of Prince Charles.  Amelia is also privileged to work with Olympic show horses who competed in the Olympics in 2013.  Please visit: