Introduction to Animal Communication Full Day Seminar
with Amelia Kinkade

Venue: Duikerveld, Heidelberg, Gauteng, South Africa
Dates: 3  and 4 November 2018
Time: 10:00 - 16:00 

Have you ever wondered what you animal was thinking as it looked up at you with shining eyes? Amelia Kinkade knows! And she can teach YOU to understand your animal’s thoughts, too. Here’s the opportunity to discover what your animal wants, needs, feels, and REALLY thinks. 

Your discoveries will astound you! Amelia will take you on a magical journey into the heart of your innate power where you will ignite your psychic senses and your ability to communicate with other species. Amelia will help you hone these skills as you reach out with love to commune with animal friends. Amelia proves that telepathic ability is not a God-given gift, but a learned skill available to all of us.

Distil and develop your psychic abilities as Amelia reveals the secrets of:

  • Clairvoyance: (Clear-seeing) The ability to exchange mental pictures and even “film-clips” (moving sequences of events) to and from the mind of your animal friends.           

  • Clairsentience: (Clear-feeling) The ability to send and receive emotion to and from your animal friends.

  • Clairaudience: (Clear-hearing) The ability to hear telepathic information in whatever language you speak.                                 

  • X-ray Vision: (Medical Gestalt) The ability to use your body as an instrument to determine if and where your animals are in pain. Starlight Vision: (Mediumship) The ability to send and receive messages from beloved animal friends on the “Other Side.”  

  • Photo Talk: (Remote viewing) How to connect to distant animals using nothing but a photograph of the animal. 

Seminar price: R2200 per person

Note: Please email a photo of your beloved animal from home where we can see clearly into its eyes to

Please note:  Animals will be provided by the facility as our guest teachers.  Please do not bring your animals from home.

Lunch will be provided. Kindly inform us ahead of time if you have any dietary requirements.

To book your spot at the seminar for either Saturday 3 November or  Sunday 4 November, kindly email us at info@duikerveld.comor fill in the contact form below. We will send you all the necessary details via email.