Week Thirteen

Radar: Tracking Through Gestalt


1. Read again and again Chapter 7 of Straight From the Horse's Mouth!

2. Please take this time to detox your body and mind of old bad habits.  We are going to very gently strip some of the harmful foods we may eat, slowly eliminating toxins as if we were peeling an onion.  If you are not already vegan or vegetarian, we are going to start by eliminating all PORK from our diets.  
    Two years ago my colleague and friend, Wayne Pacelle, the President of the Human Society, succeeded in getting a ballot out at our national election in the US for the American people to vote on.  It was the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY that Americans could actually choose how the animals in our factory farms are treated.  The ballot proposed that we could choose whether an animals had enough room in his cage TO TURN AROUND!!!!
    That means many chicken, all milk-fed veal (which are actually suspended and tortured every minute of their lives so that their hooves never touch the ground in order to keep their muscles “soft”, as they are force fed milk from a bottle until they’re murdered), and certainly all PIGS are in cages where they can barely if ever move in their lifetimes.
    The Western World has created many generations of “square pigs” whose bodies actually mold to fill the square pen in their cages (before they’re murdered.)
    Of course the American people voted that the animals should ALL have the right to ‘turn around’ in their cages.  This was a HUGE success for the US Humane Society, but it did not come easily.  My friend Wayne had been KILLING himself for almost 20 years to even get the issue on a ballot so that we can vote about the animals most of us eat.
    Our first quest is to stop eating pigs and never touch a ‘Christmas Ham.’
    There are rare exceptions where pigs are not factory farmed, like wild boar shot in the Black Forest in Germany or in the woods in Northern England.  But any and all pork we find in our groceries has been subject to torture.
    Fortunately, a global statement has been released recently shocking the world with the claim that all processed meats—all packaged sandwich meat—is carcinagenic and causes CANCER.  Perhaps this is our karma for inflicting life-times of suffering on these beautiful animals.
    Of course, one should never ever ever touch “milk-fed veal.”  But let’s make eliminating pork our quest, too.
    And if you drink alcohol, I don’t mean to deny you a glass of wine on Christmas night or a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve, but if you can find it in your heart to join me in a no-alcohol fast between now and Christmas or New Year’s Eve (My birthday!) that glass of bubbly will taste even better. 
    If you are ready to give up alcohol in its entirety, now is the time to do it.  We will be called upon in years to come to be CLEAR THINKING, FAST MOVING, in constant CONTACT WITH GOD, and STRONG.  We can not allow bad habits to impair our judgment and connection with our own intuition.  It is in these moments of weakness (tired, drunk, careless, angry, gossiping, resentful, ego-tripping) that we can make life-threatening mistakes, and it is time to abandon all crutches from the past.
    Spirit is inviting you now to stop self-medicating in whatever way you do, and embrace your weaknesses and nurture that hurting child inside you that you once were.  Our future can be BRIGHT, but we must be brave, let go of old bad habits, and find new ways to comfort ourselves—prayer, massage, yoga, song, dance, drumming, cuddling animals, gardening, reading a great comedy book, meditating in front of the fireplace, drinking yummy soy chai or cocoa, and trusting that we are CHILDREN OF GOD.  God has “got your back,” and there are angels all around you.
    Let’s use this time to let go of some of our “caterpillar habit” so that we can all become butterflies...together.   Fly High, Ark Angels!  X Amelia

3. Enjoy this week's audio!