Week Eleven 

X-Ray Vision: The Body Scan


1. Read Chapter Six of Straight From the Horse's Mouth.

2. Create a tracking exercise!  Ask a friend to take their animal (or yours) somewhere they haven't been before.  Sit in meditation and remote view.  Jot down all impressions!

3. Create 10 Affirmations to let go of whatever negativity is blocking YOU.  Ask to be a clear vehicle of God's love.

4. Body Clearing

This is a relaxing exploration of the physical sensations inside your own body that allows you to become more in touch with what you’re feeling both physically and emotionally so that you can log your own sensations before you attempt to Body Scan an animal. This download is an essential tool to be used as a touch-stone in becoming more grounded and centered so that you can cooperate more harmoniously with your own body and acquaint yourself with your own gentle ability to scan a living being—even if that living being is you!

5. Body Scan

In this invaluable training, Amelia will teach you how to connect with the heart and mind of your horse, to discover what they long for, who they miss, how to make them healthier and happier and how to make their performance soar. In this singularly unique recording, Amelia will share some of her secrets about connecting with horses and learning to love them so completely, you can actually resonate on their frequency to determine what they really think, feel, want, and need.

Amelia will guide you through every inch of your animal’s body and encourage you to explore Medical Gestalt where you will learn to use your own body as an instrument to determine if your animal is ailing or in pain. The focus of this Body Scan is horses, but these same techniques apply to any species of animal you would like to heal and help. Learn to use your own body as a healing instrument so you can ascertain the sensations inside the bodies of other living beings. A priceless tool to learn to use with dexterity before any crisis arises with the horse you love.