Amelia is absolutely thrilled to meet your four-legged soulmates and is honored to help in any way she can. She is now be available via SKYPE from all over the world for YOU and the furry and feathery loves of your life.  

Amelia is not finding lost animals at this time, but she is making space in her schedule to give private readings, private lessons, one-on-one spiritual coaching sessions, and Science of Mind "treatments" for your sick animals where she will teach you how to pray for your pet.  If need be, she can help you usher them through the Gates of Heaven with grace, ease, and dignity.  Amelia can speak to angel-animals who are on the Other Side, and help relieve any feelings of guilt and assist you with your grieving process when you face times of great sorrow.  If you would like to schedule a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Amelia to speak to your very own animal, please enable SKYPE on your computer and choose from the session options below!