Lunch with Animal Communicator Amelia Kinkade & Producer Tom Danheiser of the nation radio show Coast to Coast AM 

May 22, 2018

2:00 - 4:00pm

Great Greek Restaurant, Sherman Oaks, CA 


JOIN US for a fantastic lunch at Los Angeles's best Greek restaurant, listen to Amelia's lecture and learn how to communicate with your animals at home, and you may even get to have your four-legged loved one "read" on the spot!  What could be a more heart-warming, exciting, and enligtening afternoon?

Don't miss out!  This lunch will include a Q n A with Amelia, prize give-aways, animal readings, and delicious food!  Bring a photo of your favorite pet (alive or in Heaven) and win a chance to have Amelia communicate with your animal on the spot! Tickets will go fast!  Reserve your spot!

If you love your animals and want to learn how to understand their thoughts, feelings, relationships, physical sensations, emotional problems, relationships, fears, frustrations, and even hopes and dreams, open your mind and join us for an explosion of new ideas and unconditional love! This is Amelia's ONLY West Coast event so don't miss this opportunity to come learn from her in person!

Email eatandgreetlunch@gmail.com today to buy your tickets and reserve your place.  Someone will be email you back to secure your booking.