Week Ten

Practice Session with a Horse


“Only that can return to heaven which was born in heaven, and since heaven is not a place, but a state of consciousness, the return mist be a recognition that heaven is already within.”  --Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Heaven on Earth: (Mr. Jones’s Prayer)

There is One magnificent, loving Intelligence around and in me.  I open myself to Its light.   As quickly as sheet lightning flashes across the forest, every tree whitened instantaneously, the Divine floods into my being.  I now experience Heaven on earth.  I am Spirit manifest in personality and physical form.  

I affirm my awareness of Spirit in all things.  I hear Truth, listening for and feeling Its meaning deep within my soul.  As I do, I know the Truth for every person on the planet.  I awaken to our connection with each other.  Instantly, as I recognize the light of Mind, I see all humanity illuminated as one forest of healthy, prosperous, and harmonious people.

This is my destiny.  I create Heaven on Earth.  I accept this Truth, and participate in It.  I receive my good with pleasure and thanksgiving.  I release my word now, as it unfolds in the physical dimension.  And so it is!

---Rev. Eleanor Richard, Yreka, CA