I and Lion heart want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and give you Archangels a little Christmas gift in the form of a prayer :-)

Dear Jesus
Help my sisters and brothers whose souls are rising up to reclaim your Kingdom.
Listen to their calls, theirs hurts, their injustices, and in so doing, make them strong in you.
Help them to be the peace, love and harmony that you embody.
Help them to be your mighty warriors, dressed in the light of heaven.
Make them ROAR!
Let their resistance turn in to the dust of a new dawn, creating sacred circles of love everywhere they go. One stride, one paw at a time.

Help them to live a lion hearted life, Lord, and create heavenly sanctuaries wherever they walk the Earth.
Anchor them in your light.
Bless them
guide them

and lift them up.
Let them be your heart in the world.

Much love from Helène and Lion heart in Sweden!