Interview with Amelia


Were you born psychic?

No more than every human being everywhere. Although I have always been a fairly intuitive person, it was not until I attended my first workshop in animal communication, just like the ones I now teach, that I discovered this ability was coursing just beneath my skin, waiting to be discovered. All my students have astonishing breakthroughs when they are encouraged to quiet their minds, reconnect with their innate psychic senses, and learn to listen to other living beings with their hearts, not their heads.  

All children are born with astute intuitive abilities and it is not until our culture discourages our sixth sense that these precious skills atrophy. Telepathic ability is as much a learned skill as the mastery of the piano, the violin, or the tackling of any sport like snow-skiing, ice hockey, or volley ball. It is more an art form akin to oil painting or ballet in that it does require great measures of silent discipline and patience.

Can you actually hear voices inside your head?

Yes, I can, but so can you. Just as the clairvoyant images you pick up from animals are "inside your own head," the words or phrases you intuitively hear when engaged in nonverbal communication are "inside your own head." They are not as "loud" as spoken words, but that does not make the conversation any less "real." The gift of clairaudience (clear-hearing) allows us to circumvent the charades required to put together visual puzzle pieces. John Edward, the stellar psychic, tells a story of being shown the golden arches by his spirit guides. He kept blurting out "hamburger" when the message was actually "McDonald." John is also clairaudient so this was just an isolated incident where he was being given visual data instead of auditory data. Although I, too, pick up visual data in my games of psychic charades, I am more inclined to get the information phonetically. My client would have probably heard me blurt out "Mac! Macky! Don! McDonald!" In my book, I quote Paul Gauguin, "I shut my eyes in order to see." My version of that concept would be, "I sit in silence in order to hear."