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Welcome!  I'm Leslie, the facilitator of The Language of Miracles Online Institute's Level One: Straight From the Horse's Mouth and Level Two: The Language of Miracles.   I first learned of Amelia when she interviewed with George Noory on his show, Beyond Belief, at (if you haven't watched yet I highly recommend)!!   Her energy and intellect caught my attention.  I was already fascinated with the concept of animal communication from others I had seen, but here was a "gifted" one saying that I could do it too?!?  Not only did she propose such a fantastic idea (that I had never considered), but went on to reference the underlying reasons why it is not only possible but scientific and natural.  Five airports and 2,000km later, I met her in person  when I attended the enchanted Language of Miracles Level I seminar in British Columbia, Canada.   The surroundings were gorgeous, my fellow students delightful.  I was blown away at how quickly our beginner class learned and gathered information from the animals that we couldn't have possibly known or even guessed!  There is nothing better than learning along with fellow passionate animal lovers. BUT it was quite a ways to travel ... My heart skipped a beat when Amelia announced that she was planning to do a virtual class.  It made so much sense!!  Travelling is adventurous and fun, but not incredibly practical.  I am so glad this online community  is now available where we like-minded souls can connect, encourage and enjoy each other.  Animals are such a huge part of my family, as I know they are yours as well.