Reverend Amelia Kinkade announced the official opening of the 1st Church for the Animals and Amelia’s Ark Angel Ministries, a revolutionary new online broadcast that honors the Spirit of God within ALL of Nature’s Creations. Come pray and celebrate your love for all of God’s children, including those with paws, hooves, and wings!
All proceeds will support Amelia’s Ark Angel Society, allowing Ark Angel to continue anti-poaching campaigns and wildlife conservation education programs for Africa’s youngest animal lovers.

Even this little reptile in Milan, Italy, was drawn toward the Light.

Even this little reptile in Milan, Italy, was drawn toward the Light.

Welcome back to the Garden of Eden where the Lion of Judah will forever leave His pawprints in His garden. He does not walk alone. The feminine aspects of the Christ now flank Him. The two Lionesses of Judah, both His mother and His mate, the Queen of the Angels Mother Mary and the Princess Mary Magdalene now take their rightful place patrolling on His left and His right! As we women reunite with Mother Mary and our inner lioness souls, we discover OUR GOD IS UNSTOPPABLE!



Here is Leslie and her friend Lily. Lily is dressed up like an ELF!

Here is Leslie and her friend Lily. Lily is dressed up like an ELF!

The only thing missing in this photo of the two sweethearts Lassi and Tara, is the misteltoe... ♥

The only thing missing in this photo of the two sweethearts Lassi and Tara, is the misteltoe... ♥

Ggomi from Korea is all dressed up for Christmas.

Ggomi from Korea is all dressed up for Christmas.

Amelia and Snoopy the Beagle.

Amelia and Snoopy the Beagle.


For the final exam of Language of Miracles Level 4 in Southern California, Rev. Kinkade asked her most advanced students to Body-Scan beagles who had been rescued from lives of torture in laboratories. Surrendered to “Beagle Freedom,” this one dog was spared from a life of being tortured in a metal cage in a lab in the name of “health-care” and “science.” Amelia taught her bravest students how to determine how the dogs had been poisoned so that they could be treated, but also how to ensure they would not suffer Post Traumatic Stress and medical problems for the rest of their lives. This dog’s feet had never touched the ground, he had never seen grass or sunshine, he did not know how to eat out of a bowl, and he had never touched his nose to another dog.
Please help us extend the Promise of Christ (a world full of peace and redemption) and the Spirit of Christmas (generosity) to ALL of God’s children, especially those who need us most. When our Master Teacher said, “Behold, I make all things new,” and “These things I do, you too can do!” He meant that it is US who must intervene to “make all things new.”
Please support Ark Angel and join us in this first Christmas fund-raising project. Let’s make some tails wag this holiday season!

By Amelia Kinkade

“Divine order is established in my animal’s mind and body.
My animal is whole, perfect, and complete and enjoys vibrant health.
God is completely in control of my animal’s destiny and my animal grows stronger and healthier every day.
I enjoy every moment I share with my beautiful animal.
God has given me such a gift by giving me this animal to love. I give this gift back to God by thanking Him for every day I share with my precious animal.
My animal’s body is a self-healing organism. I know the intelligence inside her body can and will completely restore her to health.
A seemingly impossible healing is now taking place in my animal’s body, so I gracefully get out of the way allowing Divine Intelligence to do Its work.
I know that the same Infinite Creativity that designed and created my animal has the intelligence to sustain his health. I celebrate the strong life-force inside my animal and I know that God works in magical ways.
My animal’s body is in perfect harmony and I know there are no obstacles in Divine Mind, so I know there are no obstacles that can keep my animal from experiencing perfect peace.
My animal sleeps surrounded by angels, and this deep sleep allows the Divine Force to renew his body and completely restore his power, strength, happiness, and vigor. Tomorrow he will wake stronger, healthier, and friskier than ever. God’s healing presence pours Light into every cell of my animal’s body. She is made new.”

God can only do for us what God does through us. People ask me if I pray every day. No, I pray every moment. My every breath is a prayer.
— Amelia Kinkade

Please note enrollment fees are non-refundable as all tuition fees are contributions to Ark Angel.

Ark Angel Society is a certified non-profit charity so all enrollment fees are completely tax-deductible within the United States.

AMELIA'S ARK ANGEL SOCIETY announced the Cecil Fund.  Help me roar!

The children of Africa have spelled it out for the rest of the world: "WE LOVE CECIL!"  Ark Angel was in the Beretta School at Kruger National Park in August of 2015, campaigning to the littlest conservationists of the future, who are already quite convinced they will do everything in their power to protect, not hurt their lions.  The Cecil Fund is Ark Angel's first campaign to protect Africa lions from poaching and the canned lion hunting industry.  Funds raised through the Cecil Fund will be contributed to the education of African children so that they will learn to rescue lions from peril.  If you love Cecil the Lion, too, please help Ark Angel educate the next generation of little lion lovers so that they grow up to be animal protectors, not poachers. All proceeds from THE SACRED HARMONY SAFARIS go to Amelia's Ark Angel Society, helping to educate and care for the children of Africa, so that they can treasure their wildlife.

  In October of 2017, Ark Angel will take volunteers into schools in Zimbabwe, the home of Cecil the Lion, so that Amelia can personally reach the children in the rural villages and teach them about the evils of canned lion hunting.  But Ark Angel needs YOUR HELP.  This trip will not be possible without donations.  If you love lions and want to make a difference in their future on this planet, please support Ark Angel in 2017!

Amelia also taught wildlife conservation again in Rwanda this year where 180 orphans are waiting in a village outside of Kigali.  Here are the shows from Amelia's 2015 Christmas with the Mountain Gorillas.  

Please enjoy these shows from the The Sacred Harmony Safari 2015 and see what Ark Angel has been doing in Africa!


BIG NEWS for the ARK ANGELS!!!  The ARK ANGEL Society has now been approved as a legal non-profit by the United States IRS! In a matter of TWO WEEKS from application the United States approved our non-profit status!!!  What is the ARK ANGEL SOCIETY? A movement? A new religion? It’s already being called both. What if you could actually feel empowered to help animals and nurture this planet at the same time? What if you felt “at home” on Earth, knowing that you have the power to help our planet through this time of its life crisis? Would you like to be an agent of positive change in this world? Amelia Kinkade provides the answer Lwith her Ark Angel Society, a new nonprofit charity designed to educate children about the value of wildlife and help save endangered species from extinction. With a focus on the ELEPHANT POACHING crisis, Ark Angel is in Africa nipping elephant poacher in the bud.

Championing beauty and innocence in all its forms - both in humans and in other animals -- Ark Angel is devoted to reaching children who need to grow up with a sense of “place” on Earth and the self-esteem to know they can make a difference in the restoration of our planet and its endangered wildlife. We can’t start with saving the animals. We must start by educating and enlightening the next generation of children who will save them. That is what Ark Angel is designed to do, all the while fighting for the continued existence of Earth’s beleaguered non-humans!

Ark Angel teaches the belief that worship does not require a physical building, but rather finding a temple within our own spirit, a new way of bowing in reverence and honoring all of God’s intelligent life forms - even if they have paws, whiskers, hooves, and wings. One who practices this becomes a new kind of “angel” who wields a bold philosophy - a way of life spent revering the earth and taking the responsibility for the welfare of fellow Earth creatures. This perspective means that we must give back, that we are here to be stewards of our world and have a job to do in order to continue to live alongside Earth’s magnificent animals. It’s a fresh approach, a hands-on intervention which provides a means of co-existing with Nature by enlightening children, lifting the burden that humans have heaped onto the shoulders of innocent animals, and a way of finding hope, direction, and meaning in our lives.

So… here’s a personal invitation from me, Amelia Kinkade:
I’ve lived my entire life just for this moment... for the opportunity to say to you…

Welcome to my world!

I invite you to join me in a world where a billion voices rise in unison to stop the annihilation of Earth’s animals. Can you stand up, dust off your disheveled broken wings, and realize that while you weren’t looking, your wings magically healed? It’s time to learn how to use them.

Are you meant to be an Ark Angel? If you have the aching desire, the burning - maybe angry, maybe tired, maybe frustrated - hope that we can still somehow save this planet, you are an Ark Angel. If you love animals so much that they help connect you with some dim half-forgotten knowledge that there is a God and we have a place in His world, you are an Ark Angel. Is there anything we can do? Individually, no. Absolutely nothing. But together? YES! Become airborne with me on the wings of love where together my squadron of Ark Angels can go into formation and start transforming this planet! Wingtip to wingtip, let’s hit the skies, and fly to where we’re needed most, where animals are suffering, where their dignity and safety n need to be restored. To do this we must start to better educate Earth’s children. Let’s teach them to champion innocence and beauty in animal forms: their soft fur, their pleading eyes, their sloppy kisses, even their scales and talons. Let’s teach the children to protect those who can’t speak for themselves. This is what being an Ark Angel is all about.

Nothing can bring justice without courage. Nothing can bring salvation without hope. Join me on your powerful wings and bring me your hope and courage. Together let’s find a creative way to bring positive change to our Earth. Each one of you can be an agent of change, and united as the Ark Angels we will be an unyielding force for good. Earth is beautiful. Let’s make it better. Let’s work together so that our great- grandchildren will be able to enjoy the splendor of Nature and her diversity of wild animals. Ark Angel is a call to arms. Spread your wings! Join the flock! 

As of May 20, 2015, ARK ANGEL has been approved for non-profit status, and is now an official non-profit charity, based in Los Angeles, California.  In is now possible to write off contributions in the U.S. as tax deductions.  Tax ID: 47-1813495


In November of 2014, I flew to Zambia and visited schools so that I could talk to the students about the tragedy of animal poaching. I also led safaris in South Luangwa National Park where baby elephants and lions get caught in snares set by poachers. Zambia has lost 40% of its elephants to illegal ivory poaching in the last century. I decided to start with the poachers of the future, and in true Terminator style, I decided to go “back in time” to a place where children have not yet been fully indoctrinated in the status quo. Working with an innovative organization called Chipembele, which teaches conservation to African children, I visited the Chiwawatala school in Mfuwe. This is rural Africa, where food and school funding are scarce. Here in the wildest “bush", school is considered a rare privilege and the children who get to go to school must be sponsored. Without this sponsorship, most would be at home in huts with dirt floors, unable to obtain the education that many children around the world take for granted.

I had the children talk about elephants, dance as elephants, draw elephants in two-figure compositions - that means I didn’t ask the kids to draw isolated elephants, or just the “outer edges” of elephants, but elephants portrayed not as two-dimensional objects or as “menaces” which is how they’re perceived in Africa , but as living, thinking, loving beings who live in family groups and have relationships with each other. The drawings were the most tender, caring, thoughtful and skillful drawings I’ve ever seen drafted by a group of fifty 8-14 year olds.


But the true success happened when I asked the kids to make up plays to act out their perceptions of elephant poaching. This was an incredible moment of my life. When I asked the kids if they thought a baby elephant would miss his mother if she got killed, they all said, “No!” Then I directed a girl to play the mommy elephant, another girl play the auntie, and a little boy to play the baby elephant. I had one boy volunteer to be the big bad poacher! The “poacher” shot the mommy and the auntie and killed them both. Both girls fell to the floor.

The little African boy playing the baby elephant, shuffled over to his dead aunt and mother and just gently nudged them with his hand, pretending it was his trunk. He mourned their loss so beautifully, he made it look so sad even without words. After this amazing pantomime, I asked the class, “NOW do you think a baby elephant would miss his mother if she got poached?” and they all said, “Yes!” I had them yell at the top of their lungs, “Poacher-NO! Protector-YES! Poacher-NO! Protector-YES!” It was a big WIN and I can’t wait to do more of this in schools all over the world and get you involved, too.

In July of 2015, Amelia’s ARK ANGEL SOCIETY flies to Africa to educate African children so that they don’t grow up to be poachers. Amelia will be volunteering to teach in the Bareta schools in the Kruger National Park in conjunction with the Ajubatus Foundation. She is also instigating a food drive because starving children can’t concentrate on their school work. But ARK ANGEL needs YOUR help!

Can you find it in your heart to help fund Amelia’s charity work in Africa? Even the smallest donation will help Amelia help the children so that the children can help the animals! To learn more about the Ajubatus Foundation and their conservation education for children, please visit:  

ARK ANGEL SOCIETY is still in its infancy, so we are not yet able to take donations from businesses or corporations who need credit for their contributions as tax-deductible gifts, but ARK ANGEL SOCIETY has been filed and is waiting to be established as a non-profit 401(c)3 organization based in Los Angeles, California, and our doors are OPEN for contributions from individuals. Paypal donations will enable me to continue my work in schools in Africa and around the world. Please listen to your heart and invest in a future for your children and grandchildren where tigers and elephants are thriving and still living free on Earth.

I'm starting with children in Africa so that they will understand that baby elephants miss their mothers if their mothers are poached! Please support me as I build an "ARK" for the last remaining endangered species on this planet and educate the children who will grow up to be their keepers... or their killers.