Amelia's Favorite Meditations


"Shedding the Cloak of Negativity" is a quick simple meditation that allows you to free yourself of old negative emotions and patterns that weigh you down and keep you from enjoying higher states of consciousness where you can grow spiritually and enjoy more peace and joy in your life.

"Contacting your Spirit Guide" is a beautiful source of guided imagery that takes you on a magical journey into a deeper part of yourself where you may find help waiting for you right around the corner that can actually help you learn to send and receive information from your animals. This hypnotic meditation will lead you into a deep restful trance, and it is actually Amelia’s favorite.

"The Child You Were, Recapturing the Magic" lures you into a state of blissful self-hypnosis that can put you back in touch with the sense of awe and innocence you had as a child. This state of joyous wonder is the heart space that allows you to communicate with animals and actually get answers. This meditation is designed to put you back in touch with Nature and the world around you by putting you back in touch with the child you were who was fully intuitive and alive before you were compromised by limiting beliefs that stunted your intuitive growth.

"Cleaning Out the Attic: Inside the Heart"
This unique healing meditation may help you define and confront the forces of resistance inside you that prevent you from achieving your highest potential and moving forward with your intuitive abilities and sacred connection to the animal kingdom. Amelia considers this guided meditation to be one of the most healing and revealing tools she’s ever channeled. It’s a real eye-opener and can be the catalyst for profound release.

"Body Clearing"
This is a relaxing exploration of the physical sensations inside your own body that allows you to become more in touch with what you’re feeling both physically and emotionally so that you can log your own sensations before you attempt to Body Scan an animal. This download is an essential tool to be used as a touch-stone in becoming more grounded and centered so that you can cooperate more harmoniously with your own body and acquaint yourself with your own gentle ability to scan a living being—even if that living being is you!

"Body Scan"
In this methodical guided meditation you can move your consciousness through every inch of your animal’s body, visualizing what it would feel like to have your own awareness superimposed on the body of the animal you’re scanning. This instruction is a thorough exploration of the structure and internal organs of your animal and even allows you to ask hypothetical questions that apply to time as well as space. Use this as a tool to help comprehend the physical sensations of the animals you love and alleviate their suffering if they are in pain. This is an invaluable form of Gestalt that you can practice with your animals at home and measure your progress by having your intuitive impressions verified or dismissed by a qualified veterinarian.